About Us

About Us

Meet Lili's Scutari Home!

We are the ones who take care of your comfort! We are an exclusive company, dedicated to creating and arranging the comfort of your home.

The desire to beautify your life led us to create this company, with products of the highest quality, exclusive, from Turkish manufacturers.

We offer a wide range of products: bed linen, blankets, fine towels, fluffy gowns, down to the smallest detail that can make your life more harmonious and colorful. We offer a range for all tastes, carefully chosen to satisfy each, from small to large.

Our textiles are of high quality, made of 100% natural cotton fibers, which are highlighted by the original collections that are renewed every season.

Lili’s Scutari Home

Combines the sophistication and quality of products for your home!

We like beautiful, special and high quality things. Lili’s Scutari Home is a start-up launched in Moldova in July 2019 in order to create an online destination for quality and good taste. The desire to provide you with superior quality at affordable prices from the largest manufacturers in Turkey led us to the idea of ​​opening a company for this purpose. We are in Moldova, but we do not lack experience. ScutariHome has a team behind it that has been working in retail, logistics and e-commerce for over 10 years. We are the official representatives in Moldova of the “SAREV” brand and we promise to apply everything we have learned to change the way and conditions in which the design is consumed. Our goal is to satisfy the consumer and to offer him something more than expectations, better, more delicate and more qualitative.

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